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Thank you to everyone who came out and particpated in the 15th Annual Horizons Fishing Tournament. 



Fishing For My Loved One

Burgee and Tournament Award in Honor of

Joseph L. Fallon

The Award sponsors are this year’s tournament co-chairs, Jim & Caroline Fallon, parents of the named honoree, Joe Fallon.  Joe’s sudden and unexpected passing, after collapsing at volleyball practice during his senior year at John I. Leonard High School, highlighted the importance of having resources to assist children and young adults with grief and the bereavement process.  Joe enjoyed doing many things during his very active young life; prominent among those was the joy of landing large fish, particularly kingfish.

Our Captains and Anglers are Fishing in Memory and in Honor of:


Antonio Araujo          
 Mary Johnson
Bryan Buley 
George LeFave
Nancy Cantor
Joseph and Denyse Menesick
Steve Cliett Dr. John M. Rathgeb, D.O.
Jewel Ebersold    Don Shepard
Bill Gache        Don Sprague
Cathie Gordon  Charley Talbott
Ted Green, Sr. Kandy Vander Neuth
Vickie Hauer       


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